Tips from the captain on boating in France (or anywhere)

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How’s summer treating you so far? Are you going on vacation anywhere or maybe you’re already back? Was there a boat involved?

Tips from the captain on boating in France (or anywhere)

For me, it’s not summer until I set foot on a boat at least once. If you’ve been following the blog, you know that my family and I went on a canal cruise in the south of France back in May, so mission accomplished. A nice breeze, being surrounded by friends and family, and the best views around equal paradise. But boating isn’t always so easy breezy.

Let’s get into some tips for boating in France based on personal experience…

The dark side of expat life in France (and where to turn for help)

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A few months ago in an expat group I follow on Facebook, an American woman living in France bravely posted about her struggles with depression and anxiety ever since moving here.

The dark side of expat life (1)

She was looking for support and probably thought a few people would do their best to help, but to everyone’s surprise, over 100 people in the group replied with their advice, words of support, and their own personal stories of experiencing the same thing. No trolls! No jackass comments!

Their words of encouragement and willingness to lend a hand were really touching and reassured all of us that we’re not alone and that kind people out there genuinely do want to help. The woman who posted about her struggles encouraged me to write this post, so to that end, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the dark side of expat life that so many foreigners abroad are afraid to speak up about.

Read on!

Zaggora Breakfast Smoothie Vanilla protein powder review

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zaggora breakfast smoothie review vanilla protein

I’ve been on the hunt for a vanilla protein powder to mix with fruit for a quick breakfast smoothie but have come up short time and time again. Either the powder I buy isn’t palatable or it’s just not something I’d ever buy again. Half of the brands I’ve tried have wound up in the trash over the years and the other half I reluctantly finished. I gave up on finding something I liked until recently when I saw Zaggora’s line of Breakfast Smoothies in my Facebook feed. I wanted to get more info, so I turned to Google to see what people thought about this new line. Aside from 1 review which said it was good, I couldn’t find much on the Zaggora Breakfast Smoothie – Vanilla flavor, so on a whim, I bought it.

Read on for my Zaggora Breakfast Smoothie review!

Les marques du moment

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Did someone say online shopping/browsing? I’m in. 😉

A ton of bloggers do regular shopping roundups called “Things I’m loving lately” or something similar, and since I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting products, I figured I’d write one of my own. Here’s my “brands of the moment” list!

brands of the moment

Read on!

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