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7 Weird French pharmacy products worth a look

Written by Diane. Posted in France, on life in France

weird french pharmacy products

French pharmacy beauty products are incredibly trendy, and by now, you’ve undoubtedly seen beauty articles touting the benefits of top French beauty brands. From Klorane dry shampoo to Nuxe to Bioderma, French pharmacies are a treasure trove of interesting products just waiting to be discovered. Many of the French pharmacy products you’ve heard of are popular for a reason — they’re great.

But what about less popular French pharmacy products? Maybe ones that you’d even consider weird?

Here are the weirdest French pharmacy products I’ve come across. But hey, they’re all in the name of beauty and health.


Some work on the roof & a weird guy who showed up at our door

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

roof work 3

Since I’m not French and all, I accept things as “normal” here even when they aren’t. Most of the time, if something feels strange to me it’s just because I’m used to the way Americans do things. But sometimes when something feels off, it is.

Let’s take our current roof maintenance as an example. A while back, I mentioned that after buying our house we’d need to have some maintenance work done on our roof and were encouraged to do it sooner than later. Getting roofers to call us back for estimates was proving difficult, but we finally found someone who was professional and fairly priced. We sent back our signed contract confirming everything and then heard nothing for six months. Finally, last week we got a letter saying our work would start the second week of February. Great! So long story short, the roofers are here this week changing out some slate, working on a gutter and doing other little repairs. All was going well until my doorbell rang this morning. I figured it was the post office, but nope. There was a weird guy standing there with a clipboard and I knew this wasn’t going to end well…

Read on!

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