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Tips for when the foreign in-laws meet each other

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Tips for when the foreign in-laws meet

Meeting your significant other’s family for the first time is nerve-wracking no matter where you’re from. For those of us in relationships with someone from another country, meeting the family can be quite an experience. That goes double when your partner’s native language differs from your own. If the day comes when it’s time for the in-laws to meet each other, take a deep breath. Even if they don’t speak more than a few words of each other’s language, which is the case in our respective families, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. I’m living proof. My parents have met Tom’s parents on 2 separate occasions since we’ve tied the knot and have lived to tell about it.

Here are some tips on how to have a smooth multicultural experience for when the foreign in-laws meet.


Photo tour of our canal cruise destinations (VIDEO)

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If you’ve been following along on the blog, you know that Tom, Dagny, my in-laws and I headed east last month to the Alsace region of France for a canal cruise. We rented a boat and set out on the canal for a week full of locks, relaxation and nature. You can get all the details here along with info on going through a lock. Today’s post is all about the destinations. Be sure to scroll to the end for the highlight of the post — a video I put together giving you an overview of the whole trip!


Tips for going through canal locks in France and what it’s really like (VIDEO)

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Canal locks are a given on a canal boating trip, and on our recent canal cruise in Alsace aboard a Nicols boat, we must have done at least 40 over the course of the week. At first, we were total amateurs, but after a couple of days, we figured out a good system to safely and efficiently pass through the locks. What are locks, how do they work, and what are some tips for operating them?

Read on and be sure to scroll to the end for a video I made all about our canal lock experience!


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