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Zaggora Breakfast Smoothie Vanilla protein powder review

Written by Diane. Posted in on healthy living

zaggora breakfast smoothie review vanilla protein

I’ve been on the hunt for a vanilla protein powder to mix with fruit for a quick breakfast smoothie but have come up short time and time again. Either the powder I buy isn’t palatable or it’s just not something I’d ever buy again. Half of the brands I’ve tried have wound up in the trash over the years and the other half I reluctantly finished. I gave up on finding something I liked until recently when I saw Zaggora’s line of Breakfast Smoothies in my Facebook feed. I wanted to get more info, so I turned to Google to see what people thought about this new line. Aside from 1 review which said it was good, I couldn’t find much on the Zaggora Breakfast Smoothie – Vanilla flavor, so on a whim, I bought it.

Read on for my Zaggora Breakfast Smoothie review!

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