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River Cruising Part 3: Rouen & Honfleur

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normandy river cruise croisieurope

Normandy, oh Normandy. How nice it was to see you again! The last time I was in Normandy was about 4 years ago and it was great to be back! Last month, Tom and I were aboard the Seine Princess on a CroisiEurope river cruise from Paris to Honfleur and the last two days were my favorite. We made our way to Rouen and then finished up in photogenic Honfleur.

Here’s a closer look!

River cruising with CroisiEurope: Paris to Normandy

Written by Diane. Posted in France, travel

River cruising with CroisiEurope-

Tom and I recently spent a long weekend cruising on the Seine from Paris to Normandy aboard CroisiEurope’s MS Seine Princess, and there’s something about seeing a place from the water that’s really special. If you’re new to river cruising or have never considered it before, let me fill you in on this one-of-a-kind experience. It’s way more than a hotel on the water!



France river cruise: A closer look at CroisiEurope’s MS Loire Princesse

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CroisiEurope's MS Loire Princesse

If you spend any time near France’s Loire River, you’ll notice a variety of animal life and vessels including small motorboats, wooden boats, kayaks, sailboats and all kinds of birds. But what is one thing I’d never seen on the river until now? A river cruise ship. She’s called the MS Loire Princesse and is the newest addition to CroisiEurope’s lineup and also the first cruise vessel with cabins to debut on the Loire. Naturally curious about what the ship had to offer, I emailed CroisiEurope — the biggest Europe river cruise player out there — to find out more about the exciting cruise in my neck of the woods. They kindly invited me on board to take a look firsthand…

Curious about the Loire river cruise and the MS Loire Princesse?

Read on!

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