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How much does a raw food diet for dogs cost?

Written by Diane. Posted in on Dagny the dog

Raw diet beef liver Unless you never look at your bank account, you’ve probably noticed that having a dog can get expensive. Vet bills, toys, food and more all eat up a healthy chunk of change. Curious about the costs of feeding your dog a raw food diet? Feeding your dog a raw diet costs considerably more than a regular kibble diet — but the benefits are worth it in my opinion.

How much does a raw food diet cost? Read on!

Raw diet for dogs: Why we made the switch with Dagny

Written by Diane. Posted in on Dagny the dog, posts

dagny-raw-food-diet About three weeks ago, Dagny’s diet got a whole lot more fun for her. Much to her surprise, dry kibble just disappeared out of her bowl, and instead, she was given yummy hunks of raw meat like beef, beef heart, liver and a host of other raw diet options that she loves to scarf down. Switching to a raw diet for dogs is not the right choice for everyone and I’m the first to say that. Some dogs can live perfectly healthy lives eating kibble, but Dagny is not one of them. What is a raw diet for dogs?

Why did we switch Dagny to a raw food diet?

Read on!

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