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Some Sunday fun

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else

about-me-blog-questions Hi guys, hope your weekend is going well! I never do these fun “About me” posts so I figured I’d switch it up today after seeing some other bloggers do a similar sort of thing. So here are some random questions and answers in case you’re curious about the gal behind the blog.


Ask Tom Tuesdays: The best of both worlds in the USA & France — Part 3 — FOOD!

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

AskTomTuesdays There’s something about French guys… and you just want to hear what they have to say! I’m often asked what my husband thinks about American culture, food, the people and more. Curious minds want to know what French guys think about all kinds of things, so today my husband, Tom, is bringing you the next installment of his series called Ask Tom Tuesdays. He’s answering your questions about whatever you want to know….

We received the question for today’s post almost two months ago but because of how big of an answer it is, we’re going to run this “Best of Both Worlds” series in a few different parts. Hopefully every (or every other??) week until Tom has said all that he needs to say.

OK, on to today’s post. Tom’s talking all about the food in France and the USA!

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