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A dog’s perspective: Dagny takes over the blog

Written by Diane. Posted in on Dagny the dog, on life in France

cavalier-king-charles-{ love }

Hi guys, Dagny here. If you don’t know me, I’m that lovable, furry black thing that you sometimes see here on the blog, aka the dog. My mom went out for a bit, so I figured I’d open up that laptop thing that she stares at all day long and see if she keeps my treats in there. But first, I know my mom did a photo post a while back on where we live if you want to see her pics, but I never see any of those things down at my level. You see, I’m little and the world looks very different when you’re down low like I am. I’ll show you the real deal.

Let me take you on my own photo tour of where we live, which I’m told is this place called France. It’s pretty great…

Let’s go!


Our weekend in photos: Parc des Ardoisières

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France, photos

iphone-weather-forecast-angers-france Dagny had a smile plastered all over her face this past weekend and I wasn’t far behind. This weekend was the nicest weekend I think I’ve ever experienced in France. Maybe all the nonstop rain is clouding my memory but really wow, it was gorgeous. The 60-65 F temps and sun was a welcome change and my phone has never EVER shown a forecast like this. Am I dreaming? Let’s hope this is a sign of a gorgeous spring ahead.

Here’s a look at our weekend — spent mostly outdoors — in photos… GO!

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