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To pee or not to pee… on the sidewalk

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dog peeing on sidewalk

Salut! I don’t usually post on Fridays but here we are… Also, if any of you reading get buried under the weekend snow, PLEASE SEND ME SNOW PICTURES!! I majorly miss the blizzards of the Northeast and it would make my weekend if you sent me some of the shots from around your neighborhood. Serious. OK, onto today’s post.

Whenever I’m alone walking home from the grocery store or the gym, no one says anything to me. But when I’m out walking Dagny, people will approach us to pet her, ask for directions, and in today’s story, tell me where my dog can and cannot pee. So let me take you back to last week when our morning walk started out like any other walk…

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French lessons with Tom while walking the dog… no your dog isn’t a pervert!

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French lessons with Tom while walking the dog

Tom and I enjoy walking Dagny together on the weekends, and with a few extra vacation days lately due to the holidays, we found ourselves doing even more walking than usual. A topic of conversation that always comes up on walks? The French language. I ask a few questions, Tom gives a few examples and sometimes reviews a few things in English as well. It’s always a learning experience.

What did I learn the other day? How not to say your dog is a pervert (after telling someone their dog was, thankfully, not a pervert). Not exactly what I was trying to say. So yeahhhhhhhhhh, not my finest moment.

Learn from my mistakes… GO!

Having a dog in France vs. the USA

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having a dog in france versus usa Every week, a lovely woman named Rosie over at Eco Gites of Lenault in Normandy hosts a pet-focused linkup called Animal Tales and for months I haven’t been able to participate due to my lack of pet posts. Today I’m changing that… I’m obsessed with dogs. I fully admit that! Having a dog is something that completes me, and as an adult, I’ve only owned a dog in France. On the surface, having a dog in France is very similar to what you’d experience in the USA. There are all different breeds, you can get your dog from a shelter, rescue, breeder, or pet store (;-() just like the USA and veterinarians are widely available. Also, the French love their dogs as much as Americans do. But let’s talk differences between having a dog in France versus the USA.

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PSA: Dangers of pine processionary caterpillars in France and beyond

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Dangers of pine processionary caterpillars in france

***If you have a dog, know someone with a dog, have been to Europe or plan on it, I’m urging you to read this post both for your own safety and the safety of any dogs in your life. Thank you. ***

Something incredibly scary happened the other day while Dagny and I were out on our walk. We encountered some strange caterpillars that I’ve now found out are extremely dangerous to dogs. They aren’t common in the US and at the time I didn’t know any better, but now I do and I’m telling you.

Think these are some weird things we found in the forest? Nope! They were walking across a sidewalk here in a residential area and could have killed Dagny… and the issue isn’t from ingesting them. It’s much freakier than that.  If you or anyone you know has a dog and either lives in Europe or may visit (and possibly some areas of the US), please read on for my PSA (public service announcement). A dog’s life could depend on it.

Read on about pine processionary caterpillars in France!

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