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Websites I use for getting a cheap Paris hotel

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websites cheap paris hotel

Every time Tom and I head to Paris for the weekend despite how much we try to do it on the cheap, it still ends up costing a nice chunk of change. Between gas/tolls/parking or train tickets, food, leisure activities and accommodations (since it’s too far for a day trip), there’s no way around coughing up a bit of money. But one area I try to do on the cheap no matter what? Hotels.

Read on for sites I use to get a cheap Paris hotel!

Rituel Studio Paris review: My Xtend Barre class

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Rituel Studio Paris review Xtend Barre class

While in Paris for a few days last week, I was on the hunt for a fitness class and decided on Rituel Studio‘s Xtend Barre class. It would be my first bar class in France (and first time trying the Xtend Barre method) and I was looking forward to it after an afternoon of travel. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I majorly miss going to studio exercise classes since there aren’t any near where I live. I was pleasantly surprised to see Rituel Studio’s offerings so I signed up online, paid my 27 euros and made my way to class…

Read on for my Rituel Studio Paris review!

Paris isn’t perfect

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***Hello there, I’m on vacation in Corsica and have set up a few guest posts from readers who have kindly offered to fill in for me in my absence. Show them some love, will you please? I’m sending everyone who submitted a post a HUGE thank you!***

Paris isn't perfect

Coming at you today is a post from Shelby who blogs over at The Wander Prone. She lives in Paris and blogs about all sorts of things including books and her cat Lucy Belle. 


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