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How to move to France

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Hi guys, the most popular question I get from readers is about how to move to France. People write me looking for advice, reassurance and encouragement, all of which I’m happy to give. Some are single people in their 20s looking to study abroad, others are married with kids and want to try something new, and others are couples of retirement age looking to slow down and soak up French culture.

I’m the first to say I’m not an expert on how to move to France; I’m just someone who has done it. My blog focuses more on what life is like once you’re in France and not how to move to France, but I wanted to compile some resources for anyone out there who may be considering a move.

Here are my suggestions and a few pieces of advice on how to move to France.

Read on!

Things to know before you consider a move to France

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Things to know before you move to

I often get emails from people who are considering a move to France and they run the gamut in terms of age, seriousness about the move, life situation and preparation. Some are young and carefree and want to start their career abroad, others are looking to retire, and some will be joining a partner and want to know more about my time in France. Whether they’re just toying with the idea or have been meticulously planning for years, many are sure they’re ready for anything life throws their way. Before you consider a move to France, you may want to read on…


How did I get here? A little more about me

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more about diane

Those who know me from back home know the exact path my life’s taken since graduating high school back in the day. But Oui In France started three years ago (yes the blog’s 3-year anniversary is this month!) and maybe you’re curious about the back story. If you’ve read my about page, you know I am an American living in France but how did I get here? Today I’m turning back the clock and sharing the things that led up to me moving to France. So let’s break down how and why I’m living in France. Maybe you can relate.

Here’s the short version of how I ended up living in France.


How living abroad changes you

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How living abroad changes you

On my recent trip back home, I was visiting a friend when she called my name to get my attention. It went in one ear and out the other — I didn’t even react. “Diane?” she repeated. And only upon hearing it for a second time did I jump to action and reply. No, I wasn’t lost in my thoughts or out of earshot. In that moment, I just didn’t recognize Diane as my name. That’s because for the past three years, I’ve answered to “Deeanne.” Or the French pronunciation of my name (the French and American vowels don’t jive). The “i” in French is pronounced “ee” and my name sounds very similar in French to Deeanne. But more than my name has changed.

Has living abroad changed me in other ways? Of course, and maybe you can relate.

Read on for more on how living abroad changes you!

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