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Paris isn’t perfect

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***Hello there, I’m on vacation in Corsica and have set up a few guest posts from readers who have kindly offered to fill in for me in my absence. Show them some love, will you please? I’m sending everyone who submitted a post a HUGE thank you!***

Paris isn't perfect

Coming at you today is a post from Shelby who blogs over at The Wander Prone. She lives in Paris and blogs about all sorts of things including books and her cat Lucy Belle. 


What has surprised me the most?

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Island Company quit your job tee Moving to France was a major life change – and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Yes, moving to France is huge in and of itself, but add in the fact that I had just gotten married and quit my job to embark on a new adventure? Well, life was going to get turned upside down and it has. While little things about the culture and language surprise me, something else dawned on me the other day.

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Would you rather spend the holidays with your pets or in-laws? Expats weigh in

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Dagny loves Christmas This time of year can be really, really stressful. The stress of shopping and cooking and entertaining and the in-laws! AHHH! For many, a quiet holiday with a pet is much preferred over a tense, awkward soiree (or several) with the in-laws. Don’t believe me? A Christmas survey conducted by clued us in that 79 percent of expats would rather celebrate Christmas with their pets as opposed to their in-laws. Yikes! Are you part of that statistic?


10 Reasons why I love being an expat in France

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Things i love about being an expat in france

Few things in life will be as challenging as picking up and moving overseas. As someone who likes to take a risk every now and then, I figured why not move to be with Tom? And so I did, leaving my U.S. life behind for a new one in France. The decision to move wasn’t a difficult one at all, but is life always easy abroad? Absolutely not, but it isn’t without its rewards. Here are the reasons why I love being a foreigner in France.

Read on to find out why I love being an expat in France!

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