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6 Things to never say to an expat (and what to ask instead)

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What to never say to an expat

Living abroad can be the best and worst experience of your life all wrapped into one. As an expat, you’ll have so many different adventures and eye-opening moments that you’ll be bursting with excitement to tell your friends and family back home. But what happens when the conversation comes to a halt because of one of these questions?

As an expat, I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of these things to never say to an expat.

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7 Observations after 2 weeks of home improvement projects

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observations after home improvement projects

I’m coming at you from my freshly painted living room today! If you’ve been following the blog, you know my dad was here for the past couple of weeks to help us tackle some home improvement projects we’d been putting off until the time was right. After two weeks of mayhem, I have 7 observations that you may have experienced (whether you live in France or not) while taking on home improvement projects.


What surprised me about our trip to the USA?

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We’re on our way back to France after spending two weeks in the NY/NJ/PA area visiting family, friends and reacquainting ourselves with the place I used to call home. There were plenty of frozen yogurt runs, Dunkin’ Donuts coffees and good food and fun all around. Highlights for Tom? Probably going to a shooting range with my uncle to fire a gun for the first time and being scarily accurate (better than my uncle actually and hit the orange target for all 20 shots at 10 yds. Shooting at a gun range would be nearly impossible to do in France). And for me? Probably getting to experience all of the awesome boutique fitness studios that have popped up in the last couple of years like barre3, Flywheel and some independently owned fitness studios in NJ. And of course seeing those we love and indulging in awesome food and shopping.

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New House WTF #2: What ARE those shutter things? Volets, folks… they’re called volets.

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volets If you’ve spent any time in France, you’ve probably noticed the window coverings that resemble what we call shutters in North America. Except these fancy shutters aren’t just decorative touches that the French add to their homes to make them look nice. They’re called volets and they serve several purposes!  What the heck are these things?

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