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What I love and hate about Les Mills’ BODYATTACK

Written by Diane. Posted in on healthy living

What I love and hate about Les Mills' BODYATTACK

Over the years I’ve tried a variety of Les Mills classes but it wasn’t until I moved to France that I had the pleasure of experiencing a BODYATTACK class on a hot and humid August afternoon. I tried it, nearly died, and left red faced wondering why I thought trying BODYATTACK in a gym with no A/C was a good idea. I vowed I’d never return.

Then I moved back home to the USA, got involved with other fitness classes and never thought about BODYATTACK again because it wasn’t offered at my gym. Flash forward three years and here I am back in France at the same gym where I first tried BODYATTACK. I now take the class regularly and I actually look forward to the swift kick in the rear every Wednesday night.

Here’s what I love and hate about Les Mills’ BODYATTACK!

3 Things I miss about the American fitness scene (and 4 things the French win at)

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Things I miss about the American fitness

We have it pretty good in the US when it comes to all things fitness. Even suburbs have a variety of gyms, classes and activities to keep even the most energetic fitness nut from getting bored. I didn’t realize just how good I had it until I moved abroad. Here in my little corner of France, the fitness scene is severely lacking.

Here are 3 things I miss about the American fitness scene (and 4 things the French win at).


Why joining the gym is essential to being a happy expat

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Why joining the gym makes a happy expat

As an American living in France, I’ve dealt with all sorts of hurdles in my three and a half years here. From bureaucracy issues to language mistakes to trouble making friends, you’ll find that expat life will test your limits and push you like nothing ever has before. But if I could give a new expat (or immigrant, as it may be) advice, I’d say join your neighborhood gym and do it NOW. Why? For a bunch of reasons that will make you happier. Promise.


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