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Picard Surgelés: France’s frozen food store is pure heaven

Written by Diane. Posted in France, things we love

picard is amazing french frozen store

If you ask me what my favorite store in France is, Picard would quickly come to mind. The frozen food giant is like nothing I’d ever experienced in the USA, and I make weekly visits (or as often as my little freezer will allow). It’s a favorite among the French too, and you can find everything from appetizers and frozen veggies to prepared meals and desserts.

Why is Picard so special? Let me show you!


Things to know about the magical French dessert aisle

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

Things to know about the magical French dessert aisle

Oh heck yes! This post is all about the yogurt aisle‘s cousin — the little dessert section of the supermarket! Nope, I’m not talking about the bakery section of the supermarket where you find pastries and other store-made desserts. I’m talking about the refrigerated single-serve dessert cup section. No joke, one of my favorite parts of grocery shopping in France (or maybe favorite part about living in France in general?) is browsing the mini dessert aisle. At any given time, our fridge has at least three different types of desserts that will complement any meal. It’s Tom’s fault! My husband has a major sweet tooth and I love that about him. 😉 Over the years, I’ve become a major fan of these pre-packaged French desserts and you’re about to see why.

So what can you find? GO!

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