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How to open milk and answer a simple yes or no, the French way

Written by Diane. Posted in France

how to open milk

I’ve been married for 5 years now and my husband is still full of surprises! Sometimes they’re funny.

Do you know how to open a container of milk? Of course you do. Small children know how to open a container of milk… but not all containers are created equal! Give a French person a carton of milk (American style) to open and let hilarity ensue. We just had a laugh over how to open milk. Seriously. Milk.

Read on!

Most difficult French words for Americans to say (VIDEO)

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

Most difficult French words for Americans

The French language is far from easy and one of the most difficult aspects for new learners of the language is pronunciation. Some words just don’t come out correctly. Ever. It’s fine if you’re just passing through as a tourist, but when you live here and have to master the language to get by, nailing your pronunciation is of the utmost importance. You can make yourself understood with bad grammar and other mistakes, but if no one can understand the word you’re trying to get out? Yeahhhh, that’s not fun. It is funny though — after you’ve had time to reflect over two three glasses of wine.

Here are the most difficult words in the French language for Americans to pronounce (and my first video!)


5 Embarrassing French mistakes

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

French mistakes you should avoid

If you want to get a feel for French language embarrassment firsthand, you could just strap a GoPro to my head and follow me for a day. Well, if I’m being truthful, at this point my daily life doesn’t provide that much comical fodder but it did. From language mishaps to cultural misunderstandings, learning and trying to speak a new language as an adult is hilarious. And I laughed at myself a lot (and so did other people!).

So whether you’re just starting out with French or you’ve been speaking French for ages, steer clear of these conversation killers.

Here are 5 embarrassing French mistakes that you should do your best to avoid!

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