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Customer service in France vs. the USA

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

Customer service in france vs usa

People love to rag on America and Americans, but one thing we get right is customer service. Most of the time, the customer has the upper hand and companies try to do the right thing, sometimes even bending over backward and surprising you in the process — to the point of being excessive.

But in France?

The customer is almost always wrong. It’s often frustrating to get even minor issues resolved and French companies seem to have a different definition of “service” than American companies. So for me, France is NOT winning in the customer service department. Here’s how customer service is different in France.


On that American enthusiasm

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else, on life in France

american enthusiasm

If you’re an American or you’ve observed us for any length of time, you’ve surely noticed that we tend to be an enthusiastic bunch. Not all of us, not all the time, but in general we’re kind of known for being glass-half-full smilers who like to say “awesome” and “amazing” a lot. A recent YouTube video I watched the other day on Americans and exaggeration got me thinking… are Americans overly enthusiastic? Is that a bad thing? Is it something that makes us endearing? Or makes others uncomfortable?

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Quirks you notice about your French husband

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

french husband quirks

For anyone out there who might be a new reader here, my husband is French. His name is Tom and he’s lived in France his entire life. Although he has a French passport, I surprisingly don’t think of him as French. What do I mean by that? Just that I don’t think of him as “the French dude I married.” He speaks perfect English, gets American culture, enjoys American shows and just fits in with everyone back home. He’s not a foreigner in my mind. I just think of him as Tom and not any different than me. Over the years, I think I’ve Americanized him and he’s always had an interest in learning English, watching American TV shows and visiting my homeland — Tom is more like a regular ol’ American with a funny accent. But, and then of course there’s a but, a little quirk emerges that clearly crosses him over into French territory.

What kind of French quirks am I talking about?

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17 Things I can do in France that I can’t in the USA

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

Things I can do in France that I can't in the USA

Everyone says that the USA is the land of opportunity… but not for everything! Here’s a list of things I can do in France that I can’t in the USA.


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