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5 Endearing habits of French people that you can’t help but love

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french habits i love

This might come as a surprise to those who know me well, but the version of Diane who now lives in France does a lot more observing than actual talking. I like to watch those around me, see how they act and speak and then do my best to adapt to the French way of life. Over the past couple of years, I’ve picked up on some French personality traits and habits that I find quite endearing.

Here they are…

11 Things I’d never seen or done until I moved to France: Part 2

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France

things I'd never seen or done until I moved to France

As someone who lived in NYC all through college and for several years after, I thought I’d seen it all. From the Naked Cowboy to protests to all kinds of crazy, nothing fazed me. But moving to suburban France introduced me to things I’d never seen with my own eyes. Some strange, some just different and some completely and mind-blowingly awesome. Cheers to new experiences! (and check out Part 1 here)


Quick French Lesson: Get your wallet ready if you “invite” someone out to eat

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Picture this: You’re in France and you want to invite a platonic French friend out to dinner at a restaurant. So you invite him or her — they seem delighted — mention a restaurant and time to meet, and then you both go on to have a wonderful meal. When you ask for the check, your friend doesn’t move or say anything about paying the bill or splitting it, and it just sits there on the table. Finally, you pick up the bill and leave feeling a little confused because you assumed you’d split the bill. After all it was just your idea to eat out and you guys are just friends — you didn’t volunteer to cover the cost!

But a-ha! You did!

Let me explain further…

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