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Quick French Lesson: Get your wallet ready if you “invite” someone out to eat

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Picture this: You’re in France and you want to invite a platonic French friend out to dinner at a restaurant. So you invite him or her — they seem delighted — mention a restaurant and time to meet, and then you both go on to have a wonderful meal. When you ask for the check, your friend doesn’t move or say anything about paying the bill or splitting it, and it just sits there on the table. Finally, you pick up the bill and leave feeling a little confused because you assumed you’d split the bill. After all it was just your idea to eat out and you guys are just friends — you didn’t volunteer to cover the cost!

But a-ha! You did!

Let me explain further…

French grocery store oddity: The potato chips are where?

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The potato chips are where-

If you’ve ever spent any time walking around a French grocery store, you may have noticed that the potato chips are in a completely different aisle than the Doritos, Pringles, pretzels and other foods Americans would consider snack food. I often find myself wondering WHY about lots of things in France… because things seemingly don’t make any sense to my confused American brain. Including the location of potato chips in the grocery store.

But to the French? All of this makes perfect sense.

I asked Tom to explain…

All About France #19 (link up)

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All About France

Hello, hello my lovely readers! Today I have a special post for you! A link up, to be more specific. Phoebe of Lou Messugo has given me the reins for the August All About France link up and I’m hosting for her while she’s on vacation. I’m so glad you’re here. Link up below with a France-related post of your own or discover some new France-focused bloggers to add to your reading list!


What changes after you’ve been the newbie yourself

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When you've been the newbie yourself (1)

After going to a new-to-me exercise studio while visiting family in the USA, I realized I’ve changed how I interact with “new” people I come in contact with. Flashing back to Diane the New Yorker 5+ years ago, I had a very New York mindset and would be that busy person who was friendly but not overly so, kept to myself in unfamiliar situations and didn’t go out of my way to be bubbly or welcoming to newbies in my social circle. I wasn’t rude or cold by any means, but I wasn’t as empathetic as I am now. Now, after being the newbie myself as a foreigner in France, I’ve majorly changed how I act toward other newcomers I encounter in daily life. And going to a Pure Barre class in Florida last month made that clear to me.

Let me explain…

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