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7 Little things that still confuse me about life in France

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Little things that still confuse me about life in France

I used to consider myself an on-top-of-things kind of person. I was pretty confident with myself and my place in the world when I was living back in New York City. I had a good understanding of adult things and was a fast talker and fast walker. Nothing about life in New York was really confusing.

But then I moved to France and I felt like my adult self was tossed back to infancy in some ways because everyday things would get super complicated, not to mention I’ve majorly slowed down. Today, five years into this living abroad thing, I still find a few little things about life in France a tad confusing. And I’m only half ashamed to admit it.


Reasons why I DON’T miss living in the USA

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Reasons I don't miss living in the

This isn’t a post about why it’s better to live in France. No place is perfect. Or even close to perfect. You could come up with a sizeable list of pros and cons of pretty much anywhere in the world ranging from superficial likes and dislikes to deep cultural notions and attitudes ingrained in the culture. This isn’t a USA bashing post either. I’ll always love the USA and life there can be fabulous. I may even return one day. Life in France can be fabulous too and at the same time tedious and frustrating. But something I say often is that actually living in France is nothing like a vacation in France. That said, I’ve been in France for 4.5 years now and there are definitely a few reasons why I do NOT miss living in the USA.

Read on!

All About France #19 (link up)

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All About France

Hello, hello my lovely readers! Today I have a special post for you! A link up, to be more specific. Phoebe of Lou Messugo has given me the reins for the August All About France link up and I’m hosting for her while she’s on vacation. I’m so glad you’re here. Link up below with a France-related post of your own or discover some new France-focused bloggers to add to your reading list!


Things to know before you consider a move to France

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Things to know before you move to

I often get emails from people who are considering a move to France and they run the gamut in terms of age, seriousness about the move, life situation and preparation. Some are young and carefree and want to start their career abroad, others are looking to retire, and some will be joining a partner and want to know more about my time in France. Whether they’re just toying with the idea or have been meticulously planning for years, many are sure they’re ready for anything life throws their way. Before you consider a move to France, you may want to read on…


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