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The problem with dog poop in France

Written by Diane. Posted in on Dagny the dog, on life in France

French people love their dogs. No one will argue that. From big Great Danes to little Yorkies and poodles, the French bring their dogs everywhere including places like the pharmacy and the café for an afternoon coffee — and I love it. What I don’t love is that the simple concept of picking up after your dog seems foreign to pretty much everyone. The problem with dog poop in France is real. A poo bag? What’s that?

Sure, any dog owner can empathize with someone who has been caught off-guard without a bag when little Fifi decides to take a poop. I can’t empathize with nearly every French person’s inability to pick up after their dog. Sh*t, dookie, caca — call it whatever you want. It all feels the same when it’s between your toes.

Is dog poop part of the culture? What gives?

Read on!

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