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Picard Surgelés: France’s frozen food store is pure heaven

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picard is amazing french frozen store

If you ask me what my favorite store in France is, Picard would quickly come to mind. The frozen food giant is like nothing I’d ever experienced in the USA, and I make weekly visits (or as often as my little freezer will allow). It’s a favorite among the French too, and you can find everything from appetizers and frozen veggies to prepared meals and desserts.

Why is Picard so special? Let me show you!


Gourmet food map of France

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Gourmet food map of France

Have you ever fallen in love with a place because of its food? Maybe it was a special restaurant that had you falling head over heels for a particular city or just the overall food scene. Food can make or break one’s experience. In France, the general food culture and quality have charmed me. You can get fresh, crusty baguettes anywhere in the country along with cheap Brie and wine to go with it. When it comes to specific regions, there’s a whole world of food to be discovered.

Is any one region of France a food paradise for you?

Come take a closer look via a fun interactive food map…

What we can learn from eating like the French

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What we can learn from eating like the

If you mention France to someone, one of the first things that will pop into their head will surely be food. Maybe it’s a baguette or croissant or French cheese or just French food in general. France is a country that wholly appreciates mealtime and food, and the longer I live here, the more I see that first hand and appreciate all the good food myself. But what can we learn from eating like the French? A whole lot.


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