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How to move to France

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Hi guys, the most popular question I get from readers is about how to move to France. People write me looking for advice, reassurance and encouragement, all of which I’m happy to give. Some are single people in their 20s looking to study abroad, others are married with kids and want to try something new, and others are couples of retirement age looking to slow down and soak up French culture.

I’m the first to say I’m not an expert on how to move to France; I’m just someone who has done it. My blog focuses more on what life is like once you’re in France and not how to move to France, but I wanted to compile some resources for anyone out there who may be considering a move.

Here are my suggestions and a few pieces of advice on how to move to France.

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Life lessons from living abroad

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Life lessons from living abroad

Sometimes we don’t realize we’ve made such great strides until we get some distance from a particular situation and look back. Lessons take time to process and little personality shifts don’t happen overnight. Some of these are directly related to living abroad and some are just truths I’ve come to realize with time and it just so happens that I live abroad. As we get older and see more and do more, we can’t help but allow these experiences to change us. I like to think it’s all for the best.


Things to know before you consider a move to France

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Things to know before you move to

I often get emails from people who are considering a move to France and they run the gamut in terms of age, seriousness about the move, life situation and preparation. Some are young and carefree and want to start their career abroad, others are looking to retire, and some will be joining a partner and want to know more about my time in France. Whether they’re just toying with the idea or have been meticulously planning for years, many are sure they’re ready for anything life throws their way. Before you consider a move to France, you may want to read on…


What changes after you’ve been the newbie yourself

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When you've been the newbie yourself (1)

After going to a new-to-me exercise studio while visiting family in the USA, I realized I’ve changed how I interact with “new” people I come in contact with. Flashing back to Diane the New Yorker 5+ years ago, I had a very New York mindset and would be that busy person who was friendly but not overly so, kept to myself in unfamiliar situations and didn’t go out of my way to be bubbly or welcoming to newbies in my social circle. I wasn’t rude or cold by any means, but I wasn’t as empathetic as I am now. Now, after being the newbie myself as a foreigner in France, I’ve majorly changed how I act toward other newcomers I encounter in daily life. And going to a Pure Barre class in Florida last month made that clear to me.

Let me explain…

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