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Let me impress you with my holiday soup (just kidding)

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Let me impress you with my holiday soup in France

No one wants to embarrass themselves at a multicultural Christmas dinner (or ever)…. but if you’re not careful, that’s exactly what you might do. Let me take you back in time to Christmas 2013 when my parents joined Tom and me, along with his parents, for a fun week up in the Brittany region of France. My dad enjoys cooking and wanted to make one of his traditional Christmas specialties from the US to impress my French in-laws. Except if Tom hadn’t stopped him, his star dish in the US would have left my French in-laws scratching their heads and the exact opposite of impressed.

Luckily, I went over the menu with Tom beforehand and we made the necessary changes before we even went shopping for the ingredients. We had a lovely lobster bisque instead.

What was the soup my dad was going to make and why is it a faux pas? Here’s the quick story for you.

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Christmas gift ideas: Things I’d actually be thrilled to receive

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Gifts you'd actually be thrilled to We’re all too familiar with bad gifts. You know what I’m talking about. The ugly sweater, random knickknack you’ll never use and things that just aren’t your style. Well, here’s my take on a holiday gift guide with things I’d actually be thrilled to receive.

Read on for my roundup of Christmas gift ideas that don’t suck!

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