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Les marques du moment

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Did someone say online shopping/browsing? I’m in. 😉

A ton of bloggers do regular shopping roundups called “Things I’m loving lately” or something similar, and since I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting products, I figured I’d write one of my own. Here’s my “brands of the moment” list!

brands of the moment

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Take 2: More brands that need to come to France

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More brands that need to come to France

France has no shortage of delicious food products and great brands. Let me say that right off the bat. But France doesn’t have everything this American desperately needs. Yes, I know I don’t live in America so I shouldn’t expect every product under the sun — and I don’t! — I just expect a select few to make their way over, like the selection I wrote about last time and the ones below. I wish these select few existed here and didn’t require emptying your wallet on Amazon to ship from the other side of the ocean (that’s if international shipping is even offered at all). Until then, this gal can dream…

More brands that need to come to France!

8 Brands that need to come to France now

Written by Diane. Posted in on life in France


As much as I love French brands, there are a whole bunch of Americans ones that I wish would hurry up and make their debuts in France. This comes down to familiarity. You want to feel comfortable and sometimes having that little piece of home puts a bit of a spring in your step and makes you feel closer to home in its own special way. And other times, you just want to be there for a new product launch or store grand opening. Or you just miss that delicious food that you’ve known your whole life and are bummed that it just doesn’t exist where you are (yet). But I’m hoping that’ll change in France….

Read on for 8 brands that need to set up shop in France!

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