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How to be a pro at getting a haircut in France

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Getting a haircut(3)

Whether you move across the state or across an ocean, finding a new hair salon and stylist can be a daunting process for anyone — and that goes double if you’ve been traumatized by a bad cut. Add in cultural differences and a new language to contend with and you might just forgo that little trim you’re supposed to get every couple of months.

So what’s it like getting a haircut in France? Read on for my guide!

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic and why you need to care about this brand

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic body As I sat here applying some lotion to dry skin the other night, I realized that half the ingredients on the back of the bottle were impossible to pronounce and decided it was time to get on board with Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. The company is one I’d heard of through a colleague at work that makes a line of safe (really!) skin care products.

Why should you care?

Giveaway: Free Avibon vitamin A cream from France

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Free Avibon review giveaway The giveaway has ended! Thank you to everyone who entered! Using, #38 came up as the winner, so congrats to Caren G.!

***My first giveaway is here!!***

I recently hit 500 Twitter followers (@DagsDiTom) and to celebrate, I’m giving away the French miracle cream Avibon!

Enter my free Avibon giveaway by clicking here!

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