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A nation of apologists?

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else


Hello there!

Tom and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with family in the US. It was my first Thanksgiving stateside in 6 years and Tom’s first ever!

So about that nation full of apologists. I’m talking about AMERICANS. YES!! And I’m just as surprised as you are. I’m writing about something we noticed after a few days in the US.

Maybe it’s always been this way, but what I’m going to talk about in this post stood out to me and Tom after being away awhile. It’s the frequency of Americans saying “sorry” for the tiniest things. I’ve never thought of Americans as overly apologetic – that’s a Canadian thing – but now I’m second-guessing that.

Do you say sorry when you have nothing to be sorry about? Is it a reflex? Just a word to say?

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7 Things the French are more relaxed about than Americans

Written by Diane. Posted in France, on life in France

french are more relaxed than americans

When you think of Americans and the French, who seems more relaxed overall? Is one group of people more strict or uptight about certain things? For me, it’s a tossup and depends on what we’re talking about. Both the French and Americans can be more relaxed…

So let’s get to it with 7 things the French are more relaxed about than Americans!


On that American enthusiasm

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else, on life in France

american enthusiasm

If you’re an American or you’ve observed us for any length of time, you’ve surely noticed that we tend to be an enthusiastic bunch. Not all of us, not all the time, but in general we’re kind of known for being glass-half-full smilers who like to say “awesome” and “amazing” a lot. A recent YouTube video I watched the other day on Americans and exaggeration got me thinking… are Americans overly enthusiastic? Is that a bad thing? Is it something that makes us endearing? Or makes others uncomfortable?

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The problem with Americans not taking vacation days

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else

The problem with Americans not taking

The average American employee gets two weeks of vacation time per year. Three if they’re lucky.  In the good ol’ USA, there’s no law that says employers have to offer their employees any paid vacation time at all. That in and of itself is a problem — especially when many nations around the world give employees 4 or 5 weeks of paid time off, if not more, and are still functioning just fine. But there’s an even bigger problem in our society if employees who have paid time off can’t even use it.

A recent piece I read on Matador titled “Why Americans need to slow down and make travel a priority” really spoke to me. Whether you enjoy traveling or not isn’t the issue if you’re not even able to take a real vacation.

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