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practical info

Going to the doctor in France

Going to the dentist in France

How to be a pro at getting a haircut in France

Tipping in France: Don’t do it

What you need to know about driving in France

4 Myths about the French healthcare system you should stop believing

10 Tips for not embarrassing yourself at the French marché

How to wow your French dining companion

What you might not know about buying a house and moving in France

What I do when I don’t understand

How to watch TV shows and movies online when you live abroad

How to move to France

How to open a bank account in France as an American   all about the french

7 Things I’ll never understand about the French

Don’t ever hug a French person (and what to do instead)

Things you find only in France… Instagram style

6 Things that are true when your husband is French

10 Biggest faux pas in France and why #7 is the worst

How to look French Part 1 & Part 2

The problem with dog poop in France

Culture shock in France: 13 Things that may surprise you (esp #7)

French men’s style: Things that would never fly with American men

The strange noises French people make

Myth of the month: All French people smoke

Ask Tom Tuesdays: Differences between French & American women

Ask Tom Tuesdays: Do the French really say oooh la la?

Ask Tom Tuesdays: French & American social differences

New house WTF: They’re called volets

French oddities that don’t seem so weird anymore

French first names that might mislead you

French accents sound cool unless you say one of these words

Interview with Angers pastry chef Damien Vetault

french language

When the French language makes you want to run and hide

Will I be fluent after living in France for a year?

How to say the French “r” sound (VIDEO)

What I’m really thinking when you correct my French

Frustrations of living in another language

French language: Listen for these words and phrases that tripped me up

Why having a foreign accent in French is a good thing

French pronunciation: C-word subtleties you’ll want to get right (AUDIO)

French words pairs you don’t want to mix up (AUDIO)

Why comprehension needs to be your focus

5 Tips to make your French more natural

French words you can shorten to sound cool   travel(1)

5 Europe travel must-haves

Canal Cruisin’ in Alsace

What you need to know about vacation rentals in France

8 Paris travel tips to get the most out of your trip

7 Things that surprised me on our Uniworld River Cruise

6 Corsica vacation tips you should know before you go

Tourists in Paris: Why a little effort goes a long way

Chateau de Noirieux review near Angers, France

Regional foods of Brittany, France

Brittany pictures from our weekend via Instagram

Culture shock moments from vacation back home in the USA

River cruising in Normandy with CroisiEurope

Most useful French travel phrases for your trip to France (AUDIO)

Exploring the Charente-Maritime Part 1: La Rochelle

expat living (2)

The 2 truest expat facts no one is talking about

How living abroad changes you

Expat or immigrant and why the distinction matters

So you’re gonna be an expat? Tips for the newbie

Dear Future Expats

10 Ways for expats to meet new people

Things to never stop doing for yourself

15 Signs you’ve been an expat in France for too long

When people say you’re lucky to live abroad

Lonely expat problem: Making friends is hard and an UPDATE

10 Reasons why I love being an expat

Why you should quit your job and move abroad

The secret to language learning success

Reflecting on 5 years in France

How living in France has changed my lie or the better   healthy lifestyle abroad

How my eating habits have changed since moving to France

Differences between French and American gyms

barre3 online subscription review

Why joining the gym is essential for being a happy expat

3 Things I miss about the American fitness scene (and 4 things the French win at)

Things group fitness instructors should never do

Fabletics review

Why you won’t get fat in France

The 1 thing that will sabotage your fitness goals every time

Gym etiquette: Don’t be a rude slob!

Exercise embarrassment: When your moves look weird & other “oops” moments

Quest Bars in Europe: Where to get your fix

6 Truths about Les Mills’ BODYCOMBAT

Picard: Frozen food heaven

What I love and hate about Les Mills’ BODYATTACK

How my health & fitness routine has changed since moving abroad

dog topics (2)

French vet care and costs… a big thumbs up!

Pet culture in France vs. USA

Raw diet for dogs & why we made the switch with Dagny

Dangers of pine processionary caterpillars: A warning

A dog’s perspective: Dagny takes over the blog

I’m the frickin’ dog helper

To pee or not to pee… on the sidewalk

a little bit of fun

45 Things Americans think when visiting France for the first time

Oui In France blog stats (and the crazy keywords that brought people here)

Big roundup of expat language flubs for your entertainment

American habits I lost after moving to France

American concepts that haven’t caught on in France

5 France-themed Etsy shops you need to bookmark

When the French pharmacist talks about your vagina

What the French find weird about Americans: Part 1 & Part 2

French cultural differences: How to freak out an American

Top blogging pet peeves that make me want to scream

7 Things I never did until I moved to France

17 Things I can do in France that I can’t in the USA

37 Things that make me ridiculously happy Part 1 & Part 2  

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