5 Endearing habits of French people that you can’t help but love

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This might come as a surprise to those who know me well, but the version of Diane who now lives in France does a lot more observing than actual talking. I like to watch those around me, see how they act and speak and then do my best to adapt to the French way of life. Over the past couple of years, I’ve picked up on some French personality traits and habits that I find quite endearing.

Here they are…

On working with the French

Written by Diane. Posted in France

On working with the French

Hello and happy New Year!

Sometimes certain aspects of French culture will leave foreigners scratching their heads. La Poste, anyone? French workplace culture falls into that category and is something I’ve barely touched on the blog. To give you some insight into what it’s like working with the French, I have a guest post from a reader named Richard who blogs over at Deep Heart of France and is on Facebook here. He worked for Michelin for many years and is now retired, and wow, his stories below are worth a read. Show him some love in the comments!

What’s it like working for a French company?



Francophile tote bags now in the Oui In France shop (2 new designs!)

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francophile tote bags

Bonsoir! This is a special weekend for 2 reasons: 1) It’s my birthday tomorrow and 2) I’m now offering tote bags in the Oui In France shop!

As you know, I launched the Oui In France shop in November with 3 custom Francophile t-shirts and now I’m adding 100% organic cotton tote bags to the mix. I have 2 new designs to show you along with a special launch offer. I’m offering free worldwide shipping!


A fine example of customer service in France… NOT!

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A fine example of customer service in France... NOT!

The French post office is a necessary part of life if you ever want to mail anything. Sometimes it’s fun. Usually it’s pretty pain free. A long line, sticker shock, and employees who don’t know the policies are nothing to bat an eye at. I smile. I meditate with my eyes open. I am patient. But I have my limits. Silly me, trying to save a few centimes, went online to take advantage of their discount for buying postage on their website.

Long story short, I’m out 70 euros with no stamps in sight. La Poste’s customer service department was as helpful as you’d expect. I need to rant.


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