Tips on getting a lost dog to safety (and how Dagny saved the day)

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Tired after a  hard day's work...

The French love their pets — no one will debate that. But when loose dogs roam the streets, either because they’re lost or just out for a careless stroll, it seems that passersby don’t really seem to care. So earlier this week when I was out walking Dagny, we came across a soaking wet Bernese Mountain Dog who appeared to be lost. And because I’m the type of person that always helps, I couldn’t just turn my back on him and let him fend for himself and probably get hit by a car. I used Dagny to help get him safely to the neighborhood vet. And yes, this story ends well.

Here’s how Dagny and I helped… and my tips on getting a lost dog to safety.

Expedia cancelled my hotel reservation: Here’s what they could have done better

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A company is nothing without effective customer service that actually works to serve the customer. Outdated technology, representatives that have no authority, long hold times and poor conflict resolution are the downfall of many good companies and proved that to me recently after cancelling my hotel reservation in Paris less than 24 hours before arrival.

So Expedia cancelled my hotel reservation. These things happen. Here’s what they could have done better…

At the doctor: Strip down like ya just don’t care (but I do)

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don't be shy... Americans are often shocked when visiting a doctor in France and discovering how little privacy one has when it comes to disrobing. I used to be one of these shocked Americans, but now I know better — although that didn’t stop me from embarrassing myself last week at the physical therapist.

Read on!

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