The pesky neighborhood cats and their poop

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our-backyard Moving into a house with a little backyard was partly for Dagny. She’d have a place to run around and call her own, a place to lie down and enjoy the best that house life has to offer. And be able to go out without supervision. But not so fast. On any given morning, you can find me running outside in my pajamas yelling at two neighborhood cats like a deranged fool — confirming to the curious neighbors that their neighbor is in fact nuts. Whose cats are they, you ask? No clue. And don’t get me wrong — I like cats. I had one growing up. But know what I don’t like?

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Etsy roundup: Easter dog accessories your pup needs for spring

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else

Easter candy in France

Americans love to go all out when it comes to holidays and Easter is no exception. Between decor and special desserts and Easter Egg hunts (Tom, please hide some eggs in our yard), there’s enough fun to go around. But don’t forget to get your dog in on all the Easter festivities. Here’s a roundup of the best Easter dog accessories via Etsy.


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