Etsy roundup: Easter dog accessories your pup needs for spring

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Easter candy in France

Americans love to go all out when it comes to holidays and Easter is no exception. Between decor and special desserts and Easter Egg hunts (Tom, please hide some eggs in our yard), there’s enough fun to go around. But don’t forget to get your dog in on all the Easter festivities. Here’s a roundup of the best Easter dog accessories via Etsy.


About those well-behaved French children

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A popular book that’s been making the rounds in parenting circles is called Bringing Up Bébé and asserts that French child rearing practices have a leg up on the American way of doing things — and you’ll raise a more well-rounded, polite and well-behaved child by doing it the French way. While I can’t speak to this directly since I 1) Don’t have kids and 2) Haven’t spent enough time with French kids to say, I can tell you one thing I’ve noticed about French children that stands in stark opposition to their American counterparts…

Read on for more on those well-behaved French children!

English with a sprinkling of French (and how the accent affects comprehension)

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Super cool French expat blogger Mathilde tweeted a post from another French expat blogger, Sarah of SarahContePhilly, that caught my eye. It was all about French false friends — a word that is misleading because the word doesn’t mean what you think it does. For example, le smoking in French is actually a tuxedo/dinner jacket and has nothing to do with smoking. It got me thinking about French words that we use in English that we may not even recognize as such….

GO! (with audio)

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