A fine example of customer service in France… NOT!

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A fine example of customer service in France... NOT!

The French post office is a necessary part of life if you ever want to mail anything. Sometimes it’s fun. Usually it’s pretty pain free. A long line, sticker shock, and employees who don’t know the policies are nothing to bat an eye at. I smile. I meditate with my eyes open. I am patient. But I have my limits. Silly me, trying to save a few centimes, went online to take advantage of their discount for buying postage on their website.

Long story short, I’m out 70 euros with no stamps in sight. La Poste’s customer service department was as helpful as you’d expect. I need to rant.


How to open milk and answer a simple yes or no, the French way

Written by Diane. Posted in France

how to open milk

I’ve been married for 5 years now and my husband is still full of surprises! Sometimes they’re funny.

Do you know how to open a container of milk? Of course you do. Small children know how to open a container of milk… but not all containers are created equal! Give a French person a carton of milk (American style) to open and let hilarity ensue. We just had a laugh over how to open milk. Seriously. Milk.

Read on!

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