Awkward expat story: When the French pharmacist talks about your vagina

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French-pharmacies If this isn’t an awkward expat story, I don’t know what is. It all went down at the pharmacy. I’ve written about why French pharmacies rule and even about the best products, but I’ve never written about such a hilariously awkward exchange. You see, on Wednesday, I was just picking up a very regular product that turned into one of those stories you’re not soon to forget.

How did the conversation go from a normal skin cream to my vagina? Beats the heck out of me. But I will tell you what happened…


Favorite Paris-inspired Etsy shop items

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If you’re kind of obsessed with Etsy and/or France and have some time to kill, take a few minutes to check out my top Paris-inspired Etsy shop items. Whether you’re looking to add some French flair to your home or add a charming piece of jewelry to your collection, my Etsy shop picks will make you wish you were here in France. Well, except for that pesky dog poop problem.

Read on for my top France Etsy items!

Pics of the month: July — La Rochelle, France and Ile de Re photos Instagram style

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This past weekend, Tom, Dagny and I headed to La Rochelle, France. The seaport town is the capital of the Charente-Maritime department and about two hours by car from where we live. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! Then on Sunday, we went to Ile de Re which is an island connected to La Rochelle by a 2.9 kilometer bridge.

Check out what our weekend in La Rochelle and Ile de Re looked like Instagram style!

Myth of the month: The French are rude!

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French are rude

Welcome to July’s myth of the month!

Everyone has heard the stereotype that the French are rude. Snobby. Too proud. Critical. Yeah, all that. Maybe you’ve even experienced it for yourself. But is this myth of the month baseless or not? I’m taking a look at this one a bit closer after the jump.

Are the French rude? Read on!

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