French work culture: What Americans can learn from the French

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French work culture

I used to work at a retirement home as a teenager and the elderly residents would always tell me how it felt like just yesterday that they were my age. I’d just smile and nod not really understanding what they meant. Now at 29, I feel like time really does fly. My perspective has shifted on how I view work and living in France surely had something to do with it. Being here has opened my eyes to how Europeans view a work-life balance. Not only do they work smarter, but they have enough vacation time to make the average American green with envy.

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Our wedding story featured in Marie Claire Mariages

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Marie Claire mariages feature

Have you ever wanted to share some very special pictures with the world on a large scale? It was never a goal of ours to be featured in one of the world’s top wedding magazines, but I’m happy to say that our wedding story appeared in the summer issue of Marie Claire Mariages, an international bridal magazine. And it wasn’t just a little blurb. There were four pages!

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