10 Tips for not embarrassing yourself at the French marché

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As foreigners, we sometimes embarrass ourselves and if you’re me, that happens more than you’d like to admit. Sometimes it’s a cultural faux pas and other times it’s in the language, but today, I’m putting a stop to that — at least at the French marché. So if you’re visiting France for the first time and want to browse your local market or have just moved and don’t have a clue, read on for my tips on how to be prepared at the French marché.

Read on for my marché tips. Go!

French accents sound great in English (unless you say one of these words)

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Sorry, what did you say_(3) If you’ve spent any time with a French person, you’ve probably fallen in love with noticed their cool accent. Americans (maybe just me??) are suckers for a foreign accent and French accents are right up there at the top of my sexy list. Lucky for me, my husband is French and I love his accent (which has lessened over time, dammit). At the beginning though, sometimes he’d say a word and I’d cautiously have him repeat it hoping I didn’t hear right. Yes, sometimes that French accent is tricky to decipher. WHAT did he say??

Here are some gems you should have your French guy or gal say for an entertaining time!

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