6 Perks of living in small-town France

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Perks of living in small-town France (1)

As a teen growing up in suburban New Jersey, my friends and I would often complain about how there was nothing to do and how our town was so boring. But now looking back, I appreciate my childhood so much more than I did in the moment. While my hometown may have been “boring” through a child’s eyes, it had a lot of great things going for it like top-notch public schools, a safe community and more. Now it’s 2016 and I find myself living in a small town once again — just across the Atlantic ocean this time. How does it compare? And what can my adult self appreciate about small-town living?


To pee or not to pee… on the sidewalk

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dog peeing on sidewalk

Salut! I don’t usually post on Fridays but here we are… Also, if any of you reading get buried under the weekend snow, PLEASE SEND ME SNOW PICTURES!! I majorly miss the blizzards of the Northeast and it would make my weekend if you sent me some of the shots from around your neighborhood. Serious. OK, onto today’s post.

Whenever I’m alone walking home from the grocery store or the gym, no one says anything to me. But when I’m out walking Dagny, people will approach us to pet her, ask for directions, and in today’s story, tell me where my dog can and cannot pee. So let me take you back to last week when our morning walk started out like any other walk…

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Our weekend up near Vannes

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brittany weekend near vannes

Hello there and happy Monday to you! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we’re just getting back from a long weekend in Brittany — it was my birthday gift from Tom (thank you!!!). I absolutely love this region and we were up here last year this time of year as well. Love, love, love. Vannes is in the Morbihan department of Bretagne and it’s an easy drive from where we live. We stayed outside the city of Vannes in a traditional gite (complete with wooden ceiling beams and exposed stone walls) which was perfect for (re)discovering the area.


French gym culture and an aversion to mirrors

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French gym culture and mirrors

French gym culture can teach you loads about the French. While my gym in town isn’t a hip or happening place, it’s still a gym and I enjoy people watching as much as the next gal. But one thing you might notice at my gym (and others I’ve visited in France) is that group fitness classes don’t have mirrors. Or if they do, you’re facing the wall on the other side of the room meaning when you’re working out, you’re not staring at your reflection. I found this really weird because in American gyms, the walls were lined with mirrors. You saw your reflection, it was normal and I liked it.

What gives?

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