Travel the stress-free way with SendMyBag

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Travel the stress-free way with sendmybag

Have you ever traveled with an extra suitcase or two? Or skis? Between the fees and the hassle of lugging around an extra 50-lb bag, sometimes trips become more stressful than they have to be. That’s why I want to introduce you to a service I recently heard of that makes getting from Point A to Point B with extra bags a whole heck of a lot easier. It’s called SendMyBag and I wish I’d heard of it years ago!

Read on for my SendMyBag review!

7 Weird French pharmacy products worth a look

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weird french pharmacy products

French pharmacy beauty products are incredibly trendy, and by now, you’ve undoubtedly seen beauty articles touting the benefits of top French beauty brands. From Klorane dry shampoo to Nuxe to Bioderma, French pharmacies are a treasure trove of interesting products just waiting to be discovered. Many of the French pharmacy products you’ve heard of are popular for a reason — they’re great.

But what about less popular French pharmacy products? Maybe ones that you’d even consider weird?

Here are the weirdest French pharmacy products I’ve come across. But hey, they’re all in the name of beauty and health.


22 Things I can do in the USA that I can’t in France

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things i can do in usa and not in france

At first glance, France and the USA don’t seem that different, but if you dig deeper, you’ll quickly see that the two cultures have some significant differences. Some differences are pretty minor and others might really stick out to you. My post on things you can do in France that you can’t in the USA was a hit, so here’s the reverse: Things you can do in the USA that you can’t in France.


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