Do I like living in France?

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living-in-france Before I answer that, I want to start off by saying that life is what you make of it no matter where you live. Someone living in a bustling European capital may be miserable while someone in backwoods Alabama may be having the time of their life — and vice versa. Certainly external factors play into your overall happiness, but the biggest factor is your attitude. Said another way, you’re in control of your own happiness.

What do I mean by that and how does it relate to living in France?

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Why did I start Oui In France?

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Hi! I’m happy to announce that Oui In France is officially here!

Why start a new blog? For a couple of reasons:

  • Since 2009 when I started blogging, my life has changed a lot! I moved back to the U.S., got married, moved back to France and more. Starting up a new blog seemed to be right in line with this new chapter in my life.
  • I really enjoy blogging and wanted to get back to it.
  • I wanted a new place to share my life with friends and family.
  • To sharpen my WordPress skills. Not as easy as it looks!
  • Why not?


This blog is something I can be proud of, something to ground me, an outlet, a place to connect, a sounding board, and most of all, something fun! Maybe I wanted to prove to myself that I could actually DO this and gain loyal readers that have a genuine interest in what I have to say. Or maybe it’s because I want some sort of validation that I don’t get from the work I do in my day job. Or maybe it’s just because I wanted to embark on a new project – something fun and exciting that allows me to share my life with all of you. Whatever the reason(s), know that Oui In France is something I believe in and believing in yourself is half the battle in life…

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