Tuesday vacation pic of the day: Dinan, France

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Each day of our vacation here in the Brittany region of France, I’ll be uploading our top vacation pic of the day.

I couldn’t pick just one for today! It’s been raining but I managed to get a few good ones. Here are my top photos for Tuesday taken in and around Dinan, France.

Dinan, France door

Dinan, France street

Dinan, France

The goodness of French macarons

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No trip to France is complete without sampling at least a few dozen of one of the most popular sweets around. Not quite a cookie but not a candy either, macarons are about to become your new favorite sweet treat. These trendy little circles have graced the pages of bridal magazines, made cameos in shows like Gossip Girl and have even made their way to New York’s Upper East Side. Flavors like pistachio, rose, caramel, vanilla and a host of others will have you falling in love with France one bite at a time — and I have to say that I’m happy to live in France for maybe that reason alone. After just one taste, I guarantee that these expertly flavored treats will have you coming back for more.

What exactly are macarons? Read on!

Why French pharmacies rule!

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Why French PHarmacies Rule

If you’ve ever been to France, you’re probably familiar with the flashing green French pharmacy signs, which are just as prevalent as Starbucks shops in New York. Throughout France, these neon signs indicate the location of a pharmacy, but tourists take note — these pharmacies are anything but boring!

What can you find in French pharmacies?

Read on!

Raw diet for dogs: Why we made the switch with Dagny

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dagny-raw-food-diet About three weeks ago, Dagny’s diet got a whole lot more fun for her. Much to her surprise, dry kibble just disappeared out of her bowl, and instead, she was given yummy hunks of raw meat like beef, beef heart, liver and a host of other raw diet options that she loves to scarf down. Switching to a raw diet for dogs is not the right choice for everyone and I’m the first to say that. Some dogs can live perfectly healthy lives eating kibble, but Dagny is not one of them. What is a raw diet for dogs?

Why did we switch Dagny to a raw food diet?

Read on!

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