Pics of the month November: Wine and regional products exhibition

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Hello! The food in France never ceases to amaze me, so when I saw a wine and food show advertised not far from where we live, I had to go check it out. As one of the first people in the door Sunday morning, I made my way around to all the tables and sampled cheese, desserts, drinks and more. So November’s pics of the month are from the yummy exhibition.

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February pics of the month: Valentine’s Day treats

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valentines-day-in-france Hello… so Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! It’s a pretty low-key day here and shops do sell red and pink-themed treats and cards for the holiday of love, but it’s nowhere near the level of craziness that Valentine’s Day is in the U.S. I remember stocking up on pink and red M&M’s in Target and heart-shaped Reese’s and this and that — I actually enjoyed it — but here in France the focus is on the actual love…

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