February pics of the month: Valentine’s Day treats

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valentines-day-in-france Hello… so Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! It’s a pretty low-key day here and shops do sell red and pink-themed treats and cards for the holiday of love, but it’s nowhere near the level of craziness that Valentine’s Day is in the U.S. I remember stocking up on pink and red M&M’s in Target and heart-shaped Reese’s and this and that — I actually enjoyed it — but here in France the focus is on the actual love…

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Pics of the month December: Christmas week in Brittany, France

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photo(23) Ever visit a place and fall in love with it right off the bat? Maybe you can’t put your finger on why you like it so much or maybe it’s the food, landscape or the people that make a place special or the memories you have there, but whatever it is, you always find yourself wanting to go back. For me, that place is the Brittany region of France and luckily for us, it’s just a couple of hours away. For the Christmas week, we’re up near Lannion, France, just relaxing (like Dagny there in the pic above) and spending time with family. I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas.

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