Comfortable yet stylish walking shoes for your next trip (that aren’t your grandma’s!)

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Over the years I’ve been guilty of killing my feet in the name of fashion. I’ve also gone the other direction and bought ugly shoes in the name of comfort. Isn’t there a happy medium? Yup! I’m sharing some shoe brands with you that make stylish shoes that won’t kill your feet after a few miles. I own shoes from each brand I’ve mentioned below, so consider them my personal recommendations that are perfect for trips with lots of walking. 😉


Canal boating: Get the details on our trip to Alsace

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canal boat nicols france

France is roughly the size of Texas, so it’s hard to imagine that such a relatively small area could pack in so many diverse landscapes. From rivers and canals to rugged cliffs and snow-capped mountains to lavender fields and vineyards and beyond, France’s beauty doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s truly an outdoorsman’s paradise. Ever since I moved here almost 5 years ago, it’s been important to me to see as much of the country’s beauty as I can… and from varying perspectives including the land and the water.

As I mentioned in my intro to canal cruising post, Tom suggested that for summer vacation, we do a self-guided canal boating trip and was familiar with a company called Nicols because their boats are built not far from where we live. He showed me the website and I was sold. Seeing a new-to-us region of France from a different vantage point sounded exciting, so a few weeks ago Tom, Dagny and my in-laws set off for our getaway on the canals of Alsace. And wow, what a fabulous time we had!

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Intro to canal cruisin’ in Alsace

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canal boat rental france

Hi there! Greetings from a very murky Alsace somewhere near Saverne, France! Tom, Dagny and my in-laws are on board a canal boat deep in the canals of Alsace and the Moselle this week, and while we got off to a rainy start, things are looking up! In the coming weeks, I plan on giving you all the details of our canal boating experience along with a few videos, but today’s post is a little intro to canal cruising in France.

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Our hot air balloon experience in the Loire Valley (VIDEO)

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When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey, there was a big balloon festival every year not far from where I lived. When we were out and about the weekend of the festival, we’d look up and see a rainbow of beautiful balloons just floating on the horizon. Flash forward a bit and here I am in France where the sight of hot air balloons in the sky caught me by surprise. Various tour companies operate along the Loire and throughout the region and I told Tom a few years ago I’d love to do that one day and see the view from above. Last Tuesday was that day. We took our very first hot air balloon ride above the town of Chinon and I’d recommend it to anyone. Be sure to scroll to the end of the post for a fun video I made of our ride.

Let me tell you all about our hot air balloon experience in the Loire Valley!

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