Overview of our DIY canal cruise: The Camargue & Canal du Midi

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canal cruise canal du midi france

The landscapes of France are incredibly diverse. Nature lovers, beach bums, bird watchers, hikers, and all types of travelers can lose themselves in what France has to offer. On my quest to see more of France, we decided to head south to a region we had never visited. We invited my parents and in-laws on our second canal boating trip along the Mediterranean and the surrounding canals.

Last time we went east to Alsace. This time, we headed south to the Camargue, and from there, headed west ending up in the Canal du Midi aboard a Nicols canal boat. No special training or boating licenses are required making this sort of trip accessible to everyone who wants to experience France from the water. As expected, the trip was incredible!


Before & after our canal trip: Quick stops in Carcassonne & Saint Emilion (PHOTOS)

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Hello friends! Just checking in with a quick post for you today.

Before & after our canal trip-001

My parents are here for the rest of the week and we all just got back from a big trip down south. We did our second canal cruise aboard a Nicols boat and I’ll be telling you all about that soon. Until then, I’m sharing photos from our pit stops before and after our cruise.

Read on for pics from Carcassonne and Saint Emilion!

How to bring wine back from France

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When I bring a bottle of French wine back for family and friends, their faces light up with excitement and appreciation. It’s a cherished gift for someone special. But all you need is to have one bottle of red wine explode in your suitcase to never want to try to transport wine on a long-haul flight ever again. So how can you bring wine back from France so it arrives in one piece? Is it even legal?

how to bring wine back from france

Here are my tips!

Travel the stress-free way with SendMyBag

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Travel the stress-free way with sendmybag

Have you ever traveled with an extra suitcase or two? Or skis? Between the fees and the hassle of lugging around an extra 50-lb bag, sometimes trips become more stressful than they have to be. That’s why I want to introduce you to a service I recently heard of that makes getting from Point A to Point B with extra bags a whole heck of a lot easier. It’s called SendMyBag and I wish I’d heard of it years ago!

Read on for my SendMyBag review!

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