Favorite Paris-inspired Etsy shop items

Written by Diane. Posted in France, on everything else, things we love

If you’re kind of obsessed with Etsy and/or France and have some time to kill, take a few minutes to check out my top Paris-inspired Etsy shop items. Whether you’re looking to add some French flair to your home or add a charming piece of jewelry to your collection, my Etsy shop picks will make you wish you were here in France. Well, except for that pesky dog poop problem.

Read on for my top France Etsy items!

Top Etsy dog shops: My product picks for your pet

Written by Diane. Posted in on Dagny the dog, things we love

If you’re a bit obsessed with online shopping like I am, you’ve probably discovered Etsy. The online marketplace for all things handmade is quite addictive and if you have a pet, there are some really great things to be found.

Read on for my favorite Etsy dog products!

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