Healthy brands in France: Natsu Foods

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Healthy brands in France- Natsu Foods

I’ve been on a sushi kick lately. It came out of nowhere, and anyone who knows me knows I go through phases of loving a certain food, eating it nonstop for about two weeks and then getting sick of it and not eating it again for a year or more. But it looks like my sushi obsession is here to stay.


Grocery store sushi isn’t super common in France, and if I can find it, it’s not always good. Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I was strolling past the fish section of my local Super U, and to my surprise, I came across a new-to-me brand of sushi from Natsu Foods. I bought two packs of it and LOVED IT. When I finished my last piece, I was curious and went to Natsu Foods’ website. I found out they make more than just sushi including all kinds of healthy salads, lunch pots and more. So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve happily sampled a variety of Natsu products and am sharing my thoughts here.

Here’s more on Natsu Foods and why I think it’s a brand you should check out.

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My experience with international shipping and Victoria’s Secret

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My experience with international shipping and Victoria's Secret (1)

As an online shopping addict who much prefers websites to brick-and-mortar stores at the mall, I would order regularly from US sites when I was still living in the US. Shipping and returns were often free, promo codes always made the deal sweeter, and I could avoid the crowds and try on the clothes in the privacy of my own home.

But after moving to France, all that changed. I had to majorly scale back my online shopping habits once I moved to France. Why? Buying from American websites and shipping to France was more of a hassle than anything else. Between shipping costs and duties and the long shipping delay, it just didn’t make sense financially to buy from American websites and have the order shipped to France. But my opinion has done a complete 180 after ordering from Victoria’s Secret and taking advantage of their international shipping. When something blows my mind, you can count on the fact that I’ll be sharing it with you!


Healthy dessert: Caveman Cookies review

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Caveman Cookies review

I love finding out about new products and brands through the blogs I read and today I’m sharing a review of Caveman Cookies with you. I recently discovered the brand in a care package my parents sent me. The healthy cookies are made with ingredients our ancestors had (and none of the artificial junk from today) and are perfect if you follow a paleo diet and equally delicious if you don’t.

Read on for my Caveman Cookies review!

Spotlight on healthy brands in France: Amy’s Kitchen

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amy's kitchen in france

I love it when brands I know from home set up shop across the Atlantic. Many brands I’d buy all the time back in the U.S. don’t exist in France and aside from importing them myself or hoping My American Market has them, there’s not really much you can do except try to find an equivalent. Recently I discovered that Amy’s Kitchen (known as Amy’s in the U.S.) — an organic and vegetarian convenience and frozen foods company — is available in France. They have a line of soups and frozen meals and I was eager to see if they lived up to the tasty Amy’s I knew and loved from the USA.

Let’s go!

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