Francophile t-shirts? Yes! Introducing the Oui In France T-Shirt Shop

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else


Sometimes in life, you just have to go for it, right?

I’m so incredibly excited to unveil the Oui In France T-shirt Shop. Everyone likes a cool t-shirt, so to that end, I’ve created three France-inspired women’s t-shirt designs now available for sale that I know you’ll love as much as I do. It’s a project I’ve been throwing around for over a year now and have been working hard behind the scenes to make it come to life. For my Francophiles out there, I hope you’ll check out my t-shirt designs and support me in this new endeavor. I also need a favor please… 😉


Do it for yourself

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else


It seems like people everywhere are looking for more out of life. The millennial quarter-life crisis is real. After working in the real world for a while and falling into a routine, we think, “Is this it?” Been there. Then we get into our heads and are paralyzed by our indecisiveness. We debate over whether or not we should take a leap and try something new in life. Maybe it has to do with a career change, starting a business, going back to school, making a major move, committing to someone, starting a new fitness plan or something else that feels monumental and scary as hell. Are you vacillating between “should I do it?” or “shouldn’t I?”

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