Emily Durand of Your Private Provence: Pink Lady girl

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Pink lady girl

I love getting to know other foreigners in France better and hearing their stories. I have the pleasure of introducing Emily Durand of Your Private Provence to you today. Until she wrote this post for my readers below, I had no idea that Provence was such a major player in France’s apple scene or that Emily’s family has acres and acres of apple orchards! Have a read…


Francophile tote bags now in the Oui In France shop (2 new designs!)

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francophile tote bags

Bonsoir! This is a special weekend for 2 reasons: 1) It’s my birthday tomorrow and 2) I’m now offering tote bags in the Oui In France shop!

As you know, I launched the Oui In France shop in November with 3 custom Francophile t-shirts and now I’m adding 100% organic cotton tote bags to the mix. I have 2 new designs to show you along with a special launch offer. I’m offering free worldwide shipping!


A nation of apologists?

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Hello there!

Tom and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with family in the US. It was my first Thanksgiving stateside in 6 years and Tom’s first ever!

So about that nation full of apologists. I’m talking about AMERICANS. YES!! And I’m just as surprised as you are. I’m writing about something we noticed after a few days in the US.

Maybe it’s always been this way, but what I’m going to talk about in this post stood out to me and Tom after being away awhile. It’s the frequency of Americans saying “sorry” for the tiniest things. I’ve never thought of Americans as overly apologetic – that’s a Canadian thing – but now I’m second-guessing that.

Do you say sorry when you have nothing to be sorry about? Is it a reflex? Just a word to say?

Read on…

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