22 Things I can do in the USA that I can’t in France

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things i can do in usa and not in france

At first glance, France and the USA don’t seem that different, but if you dig deeper, you’ll quickly see that the two cultures have some significant differences. Some differences are pretty minor and others might really stick out to you. My post on things you can do in France that you can’t in the USA was a hit, so here’s the reverse: Things you can do in the USA that you can’t in France.


How to start an expat blog (or any blog)

Written by Diane. Posted in on everything else

How to start an expat blog

Wooohoooo, you’re moving abroad!! I bet you can hardly contain your excitement!

Then moving day finally comes and all the prep work you’ve put into the giant step of moving abroad is actually happening. You’ve now arrived in your new country. You’ve done it! You’re adjusting. You’re feeling good.

You’re also toying with the idea of starting an expat blog. You love reading others’ blogs and want a space on the web to call your own.

But you’re still dragging your feet because it’s item 46 on a never-ending to-do list. You’re full of excuses. “There are so many blogs out there already… will mine be any good?” you wonder. “Ugh, I don’t have the time,” you say. And maybe the excuse holding you back the most: “I don’t know how to start!”

If you’re stressing over how to start an expat blog or a blog in general, let me help you with that.

Here’s my guide on how to start an expat blog!

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