Pet culture in France vs. the USA

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Dagny waiting for healthy treats

Like Americans, the French love their pets. There’s no doubt about that! Dagny has a very good life here and I’m so pleased with the level of care animals receive in France. But there are some differences between American and French vet care that I’d like to share with you today.

Maybe you have a pet and are thinking of moving to France, maybe you’re like me and are already here or maybe you just want to see how pet culture differs in France.

Read on for info on pet culture in France!

Animal communication: Yes, my dog can talk

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Dagny after grooming Until actually having a session with an animal communicator, the skeptic in me didn’t really believe animal communication was for real. But after experiencing it firsthand, I have to say that I’m a believer and do think it’s possible for people to truly communicate with animals. Am I crazy?

Read on!

April pics of the month: Dagny enjoying spring #cavalierkingcharles

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My dog Dagny has the perfect energy level. She’s extremely adaptable and when we are active and looking to exercise, so is she. But when we’re relaxing or working, Dagny does her version of the same. April’s pics of the month are of Dagny taking advantage of the gorgeous spring weather last week. She was soaking up the sun on our balcony!


Why do dogs roll in gross stuff? Let’s ask Dagny

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Beautiful spring day instagram Yesterday was a beautiful day. And Dagny noticed too. So like we do on most beautiful days, we went for a walk. It was early, so I figured I’d let her off the leash to run around a little behind my in-laws’ house where there’s a big field and a lake. This has never been a problem before. What did Dagny find?

And why do dogs roll in gross stuff? Read on!

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