Having a dog in France vs. the USA

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having a dog in france versus usa Every week, a lovely woman named Rosie over at Eco Gites of Lenault in Normandy hosts a pet-focused linkup called Animal Tales and for months I haven’t been able to participate due to my lack of pet posts. Today I’m changing that… I’m obsessed with dogs. I fully admit that! Having a dog is something that completes me, and as an adult, I’ve only owned a dog in France. On the surface, having a dog in France is very similar to what you’d experience in the USA. There are all different breeds, you can get your dog from a shelter, rescue, breeder, or pet store (;-() just like the USA and veterinarians are widely available. Also, the French love their dogs as much as Americans do. But let’s talk differences between having a dog in France versus the USA.

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6 Life lessons I learned from my dog Dagny

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life lessons from my dog

Learning is a constant process whether we realize it or not. From school, work, people around us, to books and more, we never stop learning. But has your dog taught you anything lately? While dogs aren’t human, they do know a whole lot about life. Maybe at first glance their wagging tail, questionable napping habits and relentless desire for treats would lead you to believe otherwise, but after thinking it through, my dog Dagny has taught me a lot about the important things in life.

Here are 6 life lessons I learned from my dog!

PSA: Dangers of pine processionary caterpillars in France and beyond

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Dangers of pine processionary caterpillars in france

***If you have a dog, know someone with a dog, have been to Europe or plan on it, I’m urging you to read this post both for your own safety and the safety of any dogs in your life. Thank you. ***

Something incredibly scary happened the other day while Dagny and I were out on our walk. We encountered some strange caterpillars that I’ve now found out are extremely dangerous to dogs. They aren’t common in the US and at the time I didn’t know any better, but now I do and I’m telling you.

Think these are some weird things we found in the forest? Nope! They were walking across a sidewalk here in a residential area and could have killed Dagny… and the issue isn’t from ingesting them. It’s much freakier than that.  If you or anyone you know has a dog and either lives in Europe or may visit (and possibly some areas of the US), please read on for my PSA (public service announcement). A dog’s life could depend on it.

Read on about pine processionary caterpillars in France!

Dagny finds the weirdest things on walks… what the heck is that thing?

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On any given day, Dagny and I go on about three walks and almost always, she finds something to be proud of. She’ll scrounge around for pieces of bread that were left by neighbors for the birds, other times we’ve encountered a lost dog and sometimes she’ll find a dead worm to roll in. And the common thread here is that I know what all of those things are. They’re normal. But the other night, Dagny found something on our walk that freaked me out at first and then I realized what she had found was alive. It looked familiar yet I had never seen one….

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