French grocery store adventures that will turn you into a vegetarian

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french grocery store make you go vegetarian

I’ve always loved grocery shopping and my outings to French grocery stores delight me even 5 years in. There’s always something new to be discovered and the French brands and products never get old. Sometimes they freak me out. I respect the fact that people have their own eating habits and preferences, but I can’t say you’ll ever see me willingly ingest any of what you’re about to see below. I purchased exactly zero of the items pictured. And seriously contemplated becoming a vegetarian. If you’re sensitive to pics of meat, skip this.


Buff Bake review: Protein cookies and nut butters

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The USA wins when it comes to having a pulse on the health and wellness scene. Between trends, new products and workouts and being on the cutting edge of all things cool, the USA has it going on. I’m so envious of my friends back home who can spend an hour browsing in Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s on a Sunday afternoon and pick up all the latest and greatest products. One brand I’ve had my eye on for a while is Buff Bake. They make nut butters and protein cookies and I finally got my hands on some here in France…

Are Buff Bake products worth your hard-earned cash?

Read on for my Buff Bake review!

Fabletics in France: The Shift Bag review

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Fabletics The Shift Bag review

For more than a year, I’d been using an upright tote bag for my gym bag and it was time to trade that in for something more functional that actually closes. I’ve been a fan of Fabletics for a while now and luckily for me, they also have a nice range of accessories — including stylish gym bags at affordable prices. Last week, I had a look on the Fabletics France site and bought myself The Shift Bag. I absolutely love it, so if you’re in need of a new gym bag, read on for my review.


A Friday trip to the farmers’ market

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A Friday trip farmers' market

Since Bastille Day — or le 14 juillet to the French — fell on a Thursday this year, many French people faire le pont which means they take Friday off to have a 4-day weekend. Faire le point literally means make a bridge, and like every summer, my town gets really quiet since many are already off on vacation. Tom’s not working today so we took advantage of a local farmers’ market not far from where we live. Places like this make me happy and after last night’s terrible terrorist attack in Nice, I think the world could use a little more happy.


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