Quick French Lesson: Get your wallet ready if you “invite” someone out to eat

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Picture this: You’re in France and you want to invite a platonic French friend out to dinner at a restaurant. So you invite him or her — they seem delighted — mention a restaurant and time to meet, and then you both go on to have a wonderful meal. When you ask for the check, your friend doesn’t move or say anything about paying the bill or splitting it, and it just sits there on the table. Finally, you pick up the bill and leave feeling a little confused because you assumed you’d split the bill. After all it was just your idea to eat out and you guys are just friends — you didn’t volunteer to cover the cost!

But a-ha! You did!

Let me explain further…

Throwback to 2009 when I was teaching in France

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teaching in france

Back in 2009, I had a 7-month contract where I was an English language teaching assistant out in the suburbs of Paris (more on the program here). It was my first move to France and my French was intermediate. I had zero experience talking to French kids and was assigned to two grammar schools. My job was to assist the teachers with their lessons… except most of the time, they let me be the teacher. I wrote about it on my blog back then and recently read through some old posts. I smiled as I read this particular one that I’m sharing with you today. So let’s throw it back to 2009 when I shared some observations and what my first day of teaching in France was like…


Accent-uate the positive

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Hello there, longtime reader/commenter Catherine of Taste of France contacted me a little while ago about writing a guest post for Oui In France and today I’m posting it for you. I’m currently in the east of France with Tom, Dagny and my in-laws, so please enjoy her post on accents below in my absence and show her some love in the comments.

Take it away, Catherine…

19 Things that are true when you have a foreign accent

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Things that are true when you have an accent

When you have an accent in your second language, which most of us do if we started learning it as an adult, people sometimes react to you differently. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not.

Here’s my list of 19 things that are true when you have a foreign accent.


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