How to use context when speaking French

Written by Diane. Posted in French language, on life in France

How to use context to reduce anxiety when speaking French-001

Learning a new language is no joke. There’s always something new to learn and your comprehension and speaking abilities may not advance at the same speed. When you’re in France and need to converse face-to-face with French people, all your classroom learning gets very real.

For all the times you understand and reply without a hitch, you’ll have other times where you’re going to stumble, not understand and sometimes want to run and hide. Even the most confident person gets butterflies in their stomach when speaking French in a new situation. Having to speak up in a crowded boulangerie, with someone you’ve never met, or in front of a large group can create all kinds of anxiety.

But you have one extremely helpful tool at your disposal and all you need to do is to open your eyes: context.

Here’s how to use context when speaking French. Read on!

What changes when you’re the one with the foreign accent

Written by Diane. Posted in French language


No matter how compassionate or empathetic you are, sometimes the only way to truly understand something is to experience it for yourself. I never really considered what life might be like for someone with a foreign accent… until I experienced it as an American living in France. In this post, I’m referring to all “levels” of accents: simply having an accent but pretty much speaking like a native with no trouble communicating at all and also every stage right on down to a stumbling beginner. It’s been humbling to say the least…


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