What changes when you’re the one with the foreign accent

Written by Diane. Posted in French language


No matter how compassionate or empathetic you are, sometimes the only way to truly understand something is to experience it for yourself. I never really considered what life might be like for someone with a foreign accent… until I experienced it as an American living in France. In this post, I’m referring to all “levels” of accents: simply having an accent but pretty much speaking like a native with no trouble communicating at all and also every stage right on down to a stumbling beginner. It’s been humbling to say the least…


Why getting complimented on your French means you’re not fluent

Written by Diane. Posted in French language

Why people complimenting your French means you've got a ways to go toward fluency1

You’ve been living in France for a little while now. At first, it might seem like a good thing when native French speakers compliment your French. Yay, someone has noticed! You feel proud, accomplished and like you’ve made progress… and you should feel all of these things. Congrats! Language learning is hard. But the real marker of progress is when native French speakers stop complimenting you on your French. That’s when you know you’ve majorly improved. Yes, really. Why is this the case?

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