Tom’s take on 45 things French people think when visiting New York City for the first time

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What the French think when visiting NYC(1)

Salut! Tom’s here today bringing you this post that goes hand in hand with the one I wrote recently on 45 Things an American thinks when visiting France for the first time. For those of you who are new around here, Tom is my French husband who first visited NYC in 2009. I think he loves New York City as much as I do, but upon visiting it for the first time, some of the things he encountered were definitely in the culture shock category. For your reading pleasure, he’s put together 45 things the French think when visiting NYC for the first time.

So read on for the post!

Myth of the month: All French people smoke cigarettes

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French people smoke

The first time I visited France, something really stood out to me. Yes, the gorgeous pastries and architecture of course, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. What really struck me as odd, and a marked difference between the US and France, was the fact that everyone seemed to smoke cigarettes. Was it a coincidence? Was I just noticing the smokers? Surely French people know better, right?

So do all French people smoke cigarettes? Let’s find out more!

10 Reasons why I love being an expat in France

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Things i love about being an expat in france

Few things in life will be as challenging as picking up and moving overseas. As someone who likes to take a risk every now and then, I figured why not move to be with Tom? And so I did, leaving my U.S. life behind for a new one in France. The decision to move wasn’t a difficult one at all, but is life always easy abroad? Absolutely not, but it isn’t without its rewards. Here are the reasons why I love being a foreigner in France.

Read on to find out why I love being an expat in France!

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